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The education industry innovates with Decole
The education industry innovates with Decole
Digital experiences are now fundamental to the delivery of education. Multiple parties collaborate using data to improve students overall growth. Meanwhile, software tools and data processing are central to the discovery of new ways to help students in there career.
Security and privacy are also crucial considerations. You have to accelerate innovation, improve student and teachers experience, and comply with complex regulations.
Learn how Decole Technologies can help organizations like yours deliver new innovations in a secure, compliant way.
Who we work with
  • Schools and Colleges
  • National and Local University
  • Educational Institutes
  • Education service providers
Dezyne Ecole CollegeHKH School
Decole has proven to be a great equalizer for us, helping find the balance between ensuring the security and protection of our sensitive data and minimizing the amount of time and effort it takes.
Vinita Mathur
Pricipal, Dezyne École College
Decole Technologies accelerates digital transformation for banks around the world
Accelerate delivery of new digital experiences and educational tools
Protect students and teachers data, systems, and networks through zero trust security tools and practices
Quickly react to and capitalize on Admission cycles
Improve operational efficiency across multi-cloud enviornments
Accelerate delivery of new digital experiences and educational tools
Automate the key processes involved in application and registration process
Leverage infrastructure as code to enable self-service for application teams
Accelerate innovation of new students experiences
Reduce cost and time to market for new content through unified data management across all clouds
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