Decole Technologies
Decole Technologies
The financial services industry innovates with Decole

The financial services industry innovates with Decole

Your industry is changing. Customers want to interact with your bank on their favorite devices with real-time data. You need to re-think security and compliance across your systems. After all, audits are a fact of life.

What's more, automation is changing how you think about infrastructure. And your app dev teams are writing more software than ever.

Organizations like yours partner with Decole Technologies to accelerate their multi-cloud strategy. Learn how they are using Decole Technologies to deliver secure and compelling client experiences.

Who we work with

  • Retail and commercial banks
  • Investment banks and brokerages
  • Capital markets and exchanges
  • Home, property & casualty, auto, and life & annuities insurers
  • Business and professional insurers
  • Payment processors and FinTechs

Decole Technologies has helped us standardize our public and private infrastructure provisioning, and is future-proofing our environment as we continue on our modernization journey.



Decole Technologies accelerates digital transformation for banks around the world

Increase release velocity and capitalize on new market opportunities

  • Increase developer productivity with consistent deployment workflows
  • Automate provisioning of new dev, test, staging, and production environments
  • Automate secrets management to accelerate velocity
  • Remove redundant human checkpoints and manual interactions

Ready to get

Request a demo or talk to our technical sales team to answer your questions.

Decole Technologies


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