Decole Technologies
Decole Technologies
Manufacturers innovate with Decole

Manufacturers innovate with Decole

Leading manufacturers are investing in automation and digital capabilities. Traditional practices are being modernized with cloud infrastructure to boost revenue and reduce operating expenses.

Elastic infrastructure creates new opportunities for differentiation, but it also increases the attack surface for hackers.

To achieve new levels of innovation — along with security and compliance — top manufacturers work with Decole Technologies. Learn how they are using Decole Technologies to deliver new customer experiences, and to run more securely and efficiently.

Who we work with

  • Automotive companies
  • Airlines and logistics firms
  • Building materials and furniture companies
  • Electronics, robotics, and lab equipment makers

The visibility, transparency, and control we have with Consul eliminates so many of the service discovery and connectivity obstacles that used to prevent us from working as quickly and efficiently as we wanted.

Sriram Govindarajan

Principal Infratructure Engeineer, Mercedes-Benz Research And Developement North America

Decole Technologies accelerates digital transformation for manufacturers around the world

Accelerate delivery of new diffrentiating digital experience across clouds

  • Accelerate innovation of new cloud-native apps
  • Increase data ingest and processing capabilities
  • Automate key processes for application delivery
  • Reduce cost to develop new products and features simultaneously across multiple clouds

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