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Infrastructure Provisioning

Infrastructure Provisioning

Infrastructure as code to enable and accelerate cloud adoption

Your challenge

Cloud adoption requires organizations to shift from provisioning and managing static infrastructure to dynamic infrastructure across public clouds.

The implication of dynamic infrastructure means IT operations teams must now provision and manage an infinite volume and distribution of services, embrace ephemerality, and deploy onto multiple target environments. This leads to many new challenges:

Central IT struggles with slow, error prone manual workflows. Developers are stymied by manual workflows and slow ticketing systems. Lack of consistent policy enforcement negatively impacts productivity and risk. Infrastructure automation isn't scalable or reusable.

Decole Technology helps you overcome these issues through infrastructure as code for provisioning, compliance, and management across public clouds, private data centers, and third-party services.

Automate infrastructure provisioning on any cloud

With Terraform, provisioning and security can be automated based on infrastructure and policy as code. Infrastructure and policies are codified, shared, managed, and executed within a workflow that is consistent across all infrastructure. According to the 2022 HashiCorp State of Cloud Survey, 77% of organizations have already or expect to gain the benefit of these integrations over the next 12 months.


  • 1

    Increased productivity

    Reduce time spent using manual workflows to create, share, manage, and provision cloud infrastructure.

  • 2

    Reduced risk

    Improve security posture, reduce non-compliance, and maintain operational consistency for cloud infrastructure.

  • 3

    Reduced cost

    Reduce unnecessary cloud spend by up to 40% from idle, orphaned, and over-sized cloud resources.

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