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Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration
Use our tools to move to the public cloud quickly, safely, and securely. Reduce CapEx and accelerate innovation.
Your challenge
Migrating to cloud infrastructure is a top priority for many reasons: to retire existing datacenters, to lower capital expenses, and to gain more access to developer-friendly cloud services.
In addition, adoption and migration to multi-cloud environments is increasingly becoming a priority. According to the 2022 State of Cloud Strategy Survey, of those who have begun this multi-cloud transition, 87% said it was working to help them deliver on their desired business results.
To perform this move smoothly, enterprises need to consider how to industrialize the application delivery process across each layer of the cloud. Simply “lifting-and-shifting” virtual machines from one place to another won't result in transformational outcomes.
The Decole Technology suite of tools provides solutions for each layer of the cloud to enable enterprises to migrate to the public cloud and industrialize cloud usage at scale.
Migrate to the public cloud with confidence
Reduce your data center footprint. Modernize people, tools, and processes to focus on self-service and speed optimization.
    Accelerate time to delivery
    Automate the key processes involved in application delivery and enable self-service for application teams. Save weeks or months compared to traditional approaches.
    Reduce risk and improve security and governance
    Maintain strong security and governance controls. Enable security and compliance teams to set policies and audit interactions.
    Improve operational efficiency
    Standardize workflows and implement a consistent cloud operating model. Narrow the skills gap and simplify security and governance challenges.
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